by AMIKAN GERSHONOWITZ & ANDREA GAT | Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy | 01.02.2014

intelligent biology




The growing demand for skin rejuvenation procedures with minimal down time and low risk has led to the development of fractional radiofrequency (RF) systems. The new VoluDermâ„¢ RF technology creates minute columns of tissue thermal micro-ablation. The treatment triggers natural fractional healing, resulting in dermal volumizing and skin renewal. This preclinical research assessed the safety and efficacy of the VoluDerm through histological evaluation of morphological changes in the target tissue.



Following approval of protocol by ethical committee, treatments were conducted on two domestic pigs using VoluDerm disposable tips. Histological samples of 14, 7, 4 days and immediately after treatment with various energy settings were analyzed.



Immediate VoluDerm epidermal and dermal effects, and progress of healing process, as function of time following treatment (days 4 and 7), were demonstrated. Histology analysis of samples of 14 days demonstrated complete healing for all energy levels.



This in vivo histology confirmed the safe and effective performance of the VoluDerm treatment. A fractional pattern of affected areas, surrounded by healthy tissue, was demonstrated. Healing process proved natural dermal renewal and epidermal complete regeneration. Histology supports clinical advantages of the VoluDerm natural-looking skin enhancement, with none to minimal pain and no downtime.

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